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- remembering a lost class mate and friend


Sadly, on meeting up in 2000 we learnt about the untimely death of one of our class mates, Charlie Moore.

It appears that Charlie had joined the minesweeper flotilla in Hong Kong in about 1970 with some of our class mates, including Kevin Calvert. Kevin explained that Charlie had been baby sitting for some friends at their flat when he unfortunately, and for reasons unknown, fell from a balcony and did not survive his injuries. This appears to have happened in 1971, in which case he would have only been 18 years old.

Although this event happened a long time ago, we are extremely sorry to hear that Charlie died at such a tender age and our sympathy and thoughts go out to all his family.

What we remember about him is that he was one of the quieter and more thoughtful members of 320 class. However, he was also bright and took an interest in what we were all up to, but we also know he was someone with a good sense of humour and a lively spirit. It is no surprise to to us find out he was carrying out an act of kindness in baby sitting for his friends when this tragic event occurred. This was typical of his willingness to help others, which was a strong characteristic of his personality.

Below are two photographs which show Charlie among his class mates. Rest in peace - it was good to have known you, mate. All we can say is that we won't forget you.


Captain Napper inspects the rear rank of our class in the early days of our time in the main establishment


Charlie is fourth from the right of the picture.
Also in this line (starting from the left) are Pete Kerley, Acourt, ?, 'Jenny' Wren, John Nixon, (Charlie), Kevin Calvert, ?, ?.
In the front row (head forward) is Tip O'Keefe, and the left-hand marker is Pete Slynn.
The senior rating at the back of the squad is our old friend, PO Allard.


This is a slightly later photo of 320/321 classes doing guard duty and giving a general salute on divisions

general salute

Charlie is fourth from the right in the front rank

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