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Drake 17 mess after Captain's rounds

Drake 17 mess

PO Allard and CPO Jones

This picture reminds us of the values that were instilled in us at Ganges. 'Young man, if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well (Chief Jones).' PO Allard had a different approach along the lines of 'right you shower, get this place looking ship shape or else!' . However, the values we learnt from our instructors and time at Ganges have stuck with us. Paying attention to detail was the building block of our training.


This is Drake 15 mess, which John Nixon and Mr. Evans went to run as badge boys for a later recruitment

Drake 15 mess

The senior rating on the left is POME Hughes. The name of the Chief Petty Officer on the right is not known.

One of our achievements was to win best division in GANGES during the Spring term of 1969 as a reward for all our hard work.

John Nixon receiving Best Division trophy from Captain Napper


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