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As you will recall, a large percentage of our time at Ganges was spent on the parade ground attending divisions and other drill sessions. Being duty guard for divisions was a memorable experience as we spent hours learning rifle drill (with the friendly GIs!...) and how to 'form two deep' from three ranks, how to line up each rank before inspection (done by the right-hand marker), how to march in line and give 'eyes right' without losing position, and generally how to drill in perfect time (up, two three, over, two three, cut! etc.) No doubt we all have fond memories of this part of our time, and the pictures below show we have a right to be proud of how smart we all looked and how well we performed.

The following photos show the 320 and 321 classes going through theirpaces.


Captain Napper inspecting the rear rank

Rear rank inspection

From left to right: John Nixon, then Acourt, Gerry Haines, ?, ?, ?, Mick Ross, Taffy Thomas,
Jim Kelly, Roy Brook, Mick Watts, Jock Peattie, Geoff Huxall, Firth.


General salute

general salute

The front rank, from left to right is: Stuart Ostler, ?, ?, ?, ?, Ged Taylor, ?, Dennis Barnard, ?, Tip O'Keefe, Charlie Moore, ?, ?, Vernon Beattie.


Eyes right.....

eyes right


Finally, here are two photographs of three of us in pauses between drill (presumably taken by the official photographer during stand easy).

Kevin Calvert (standing to attention) and Terry Rice (standing at ease)

Kevin Calvert, Terry Rice


John Nixon

John Nixon


Tony Evans

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