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Health economics projects are undertaken by John Nixon. After completing his MSc in Health Economics he worked as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Reviews and Disemination (CRD), University of York, between 1996 and 2007.  As part of a multidisciplanary team he managed and undertook research centred on the NHS Economic Evaluation Database (NHS EED) in collaboration with Health Economists across Europe and Japan. During this period he completed a Ph.D in Health Economics that explored convergence in health and the healthcare systems of the European Union (EU).  He was associate editor and scientific adviser to the Health Economics Evaluation Database (HEED, John Wiley & Son) between 2007 and 2014.

During this time he was a Teaching Associate in the Department of Economics and Related Studies (DERS),University of York, where he taught international health care professionals the economics of health care systems.  The principal approach used to analyse health care systems was developed from methods published by the World Health organisation (WHO).

Reviews of Health Economic Evaluations

Clients conducting systematic or non-systematic reviews of health care interventions invariably include both clinical and economic evidence.  The task of a health economist is to identify, select (according to the inclusion criteria of the review), summarise and critique studies either based on a clinical trial, decision analytical modelling or other reviews.  In this area we have published a number of theoretical papers on how to summarise economic evidence within a review and the numerous review projects we have undertaken.  These include: 

Nixon, J., Khan, K.S., Kleijnen, J. (2001) ‘Summary methods for economic evaluations included in systematic reviews,’ BMJ, 322, 1596-1598.

Nixon J., Rice, S.R., Drummond, M.F., Boulenger S., Ulmann P., de Pouvourville G. (2008) ‘Guidelines for completing the EURONHEED transferability/generalisability checklists.’ European Journal of Health Economics, 10(2):157-65.

Rogers, M., Nixon, J., Hempel, S., Aho, T., Kelly, J., Neal, D., et al. ‘Diagnostic tests and algorithms used in the investigation of haematuria: systematic reviews and economic evaluation. Health Technol Assess, 2006; 10(18).

Bala, M.M., Riemsma, R.P., Nixon, J., Kleijnen, J. (2008) ‘Systematic review of the (cost-) effectiveness of Spinal Cord Stimulation for people with failed back surgery syndrome,’ Clinical Journal of Pain, 24(9):741-56. In collaboration with Kleijnen Systematic Reviews, Ltd. Link

Westwood, M., Nixon, J. et al. (2007) ‘Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of height screening programmes during the primary school years: a systematic review.’  Archives of Disease in Childhood, 93(4): 278-84.

Riemsma, R., Clar, C., Nixon, Y., Kleijnen, J. (2007) ‘Systematic review of the (cost-) effectiveness of lifestyle interventions for people with impaired glucose tolerance or type 2 diabetes mellitus in combination with obesity.’ In collaboration with Kleijnen Systematic Reviews, Ltd

Fayter, D., Nixon, J., Hartley, S., Rithalia, A., Butler, G., Rudolf, M., et al. ‘A systematic review of the routine monitoring of growth in children of primary school age to identify growth related conditions’. Health Technol Assess, 2007; 11(22).

Health care Systems Analysis

Odeyemi, I.A. & Nixon, J. (2013) 'The role and uptake of private health insurance in different health care systems: are there lessons for developing countries?' ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research, 5:109-18.

Odeyemi, I.A. & Nixon, J. (2013) 'Assessing equity in health care through the national health insurance schemes of Nigeria and Ghana: A review-based comparative analysis,' International Journal for Equity in health, Jan 22;12(1):9.


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