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All material contained within the site's pages has been provided by those of us that are in touch with each other, currently:

320 321
Malcolm Allard (instructor) Kevin Calvert
Dennis Barnard Pete Kerley
Roy Brook John Nixon
Tony Evans Dennis Wren
Pete Slynn Stuart Ostler
Gerry Taylor Terry Rice
  Mick Ross
  Colin Smith

Material on the site is presented under sub-headings as shown on the main buttons on the left-hand side of the web pages. Other material is given under these main headings so navigating around the site is very easy.

The material is largely under two broad headings:

  1. Life at HMS Ganges (we were there from May 1968 to May 1969).
  2. Details about us and some of our thoughts/discussion on our time at Ganges and life as it is now.

We add new material to the site periodically based on photograps we unearth or on conversations we have between us.

We also make efforts to trace our former class mates. Some find this site or our details by visiting the official HMS GANGES site (see links), or through advertising in the Navy News (that is how we found Malcolm Allard).

If you visit this site and were either a former member of our classes, or you know any of our former class mates or, please get in touch with one of us.

After Ganges

After leaving Ganges we all moved to HMS Collingwood to complete our Part 2 Electrical training, which took about 20 weeks depending on which sub-specialisation we had been selected for. The three categories were Radio Electrical Mechanic (REM), Control Electrical Mechanic (CEM) and Ordenance Electrical Mechanic (OEM).

At Collingwood life was generally more relaxed and we had accommodation that contained 'cabins' for four trainees. The two main accommodation blocks we were in were Trafalgar and Atlantic blocks.

Temarare Division, HMS Collingwood, 1969 (outside Trafalgar Block)

From Ganges 320/321 classes are John Nixon (front row left), Stuart Ostler (second rom left), Mick Rawlings (3rd row 6th from left)

After that we received our first sea-going drafts. Some of us went on to join HMS Bulwark (e.g. John Nixon, Roy Brook, Mick Ross), HMS Ark Royal (Pete Kerley and Stuart Ostler), HMS Dido (Pete Slynn), HMS Rothesay (Dennis Wren) Ton-class minesweepers of the Hong Kong Squadron (Gerry Taylor and Kevin Calvert), and HMS Triumph (Singapore) (Colin Smith). Life at sea was completely different to serving in shore bases - it could be as smooth as a mill pond, sunny, blue seas and skies, dolphins swimming alongside and 'goffas' on the upperdeck and so on. However, it could also be stormy, wet, grey and unpleasant - a 'cruel sea.' We had to, as we often said in the Navy, 'take the rough with the smooth.'

HMS Bulwark, 1970

In stormy waters en-route to the Far East.

HMS Ark Royal, 1970s

Ton-class Minesweeper HMS Hubberston, 1970s

HMS Dido (Leander Class Frigate), 1970s

Type 12 Frigate [Rothesay class]

HMS Triumph (Singapore Support Support Ship 1970s)

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